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Save Our Fields

Check back here for the most up to date information on the De Anza Cove project, including plans, maps, legal implications and how to get involved. Help save the recreation areas that serve thousands of kids and families in our community every year.

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Latest Update (June 2023) to Official Language in Plan

“De Anza Natural is currently home to community-serving public recreation facilities such as Bob McEvoy Youth Fields, Tennis Club, and Mission Bay Golf Course and Practice Center.  De Anza Natural envisions maintaining or enhancing these facilities as part of a future GDP process that implements community-identified recreation needs.  The City will work with the community-serving public recreation facility operators to plan for the future of the facilities and will design and phase development in a manner that minimizes disruption to active recreation access.  Buffer zones and other land uses proposed for the site  of the existing recreation facilities should be implemented after these facilities have been modified, moved, or replaced for continued use, unless imminent climate hazards necessitate more immediate mitigation.”

Many THANKS to all the contributing members of our community who have voiced their opinion and been a part of the solution.
Requests Officially Made (March 2023)

Active Recreation acreage must be maintained and protected in whatever form of amendment is adopted by the City for De Anza. Specific to organized youth soccer, the PYSL Board of Directors respectfully requests the following guarantees be included in the MBPMP amendment:

– Add to the development requirements of De Anza Natural that guarantees a minimum of 62.6 ac of Active Recreation to be provided in the De Anza Natural Development Criteria and reflected in the Proposed Project description. Ensure that the Draft PEIR also account for this change and update all exhibits and analysis accordingly.

– Add to the development requirements of De Anza Natural that guarantees all future General Development Plans (GDP) shall include a minimum of six youth-sized soccer fields ranging in size from 30 x 20 yards to 65 x 45 yards.

– Add to the development requirements that the implementation of both the wetlands and the fields happen concurrently to ensure the City doesn’t create the wetlands buffer that takes half the fields and then never completes the new fields. Ensure the city has adequate funding to complete the field move prior to enacting the 300 ft wetland buffer.

We appreciate the City’s consideration of our comments and formally request this letter be included in the public record and shared with the City Council. 

Why We Are Here

In 2016 there was a sewer leak in Tecolote Canyon that went into Mission Bay. The city avoided a $2.5M fine by agreeing to come up with a plan that increases the wetlands and improves quality control. The issue wasn’t water quality, the issue was failure of our sewer pipes. The solution they are after is treating the symptom, not the problem, and it’s at the cost of the youth of the community.
“But the $2.5 million fine could be cut in half if the city completes a “supplemental environmental project” called for in the proposed settlement.”

The due date for that SEP is 10/14/2023. If there is not a plan presented at that time, the city will owe ~$1.25M to the Regional Water Board (falls under Public Utilities). This due date is preventing changes being made to the De Anza Natural Plan regardless of public outcry and recommendations coming from both the Mission Bay Planning Commission and San Diego Park and Recs. The City Planning Department acknowledged that they had received over 1,000 comments as of 4/20/2023 concerning the De Anza Natural Plan.

At the SD Park and Recs meeting on 4/20/2023, the importance of youth sports and community input were celebrated in the approved Willie Henderson Sports Complex. However when the De Anza Plan was presented, the city was not able to preserve current youth active recreation. 

Why are we celebrating creating and improving one area and then taking from another? Why are the youth in our community deemed less important than those in other communities?

Save Our Fields Planning Events:

Public Town Hall with District 1 Joe LaCava
Joe LaCava reassured the public that our fields would remain and not be altered- 3/21/2023 100%
Mission Bay Planning Committee
MBPC requested the City Planning Department make adjustments to the city plan to include proposals that did not reduce active rec, and alternatives that increased it- 04/04/2023 100%
One on One with District 1 Councilmember Joe LaCava
Face to Face Sit-down - 4/6/2023 100%
Parks and Rec Committee
Approved Subcommittee made up of 3 Park & Rec and 3 MBPC members to make recommendations to City Planning Department - 4/20/2023 100%
Planning Commission
Environmental Commission
City Council Vote