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All-Stars – Frequently Asked Questions

Who will coach my all-star teams?
All star teams are coached by current volunteer PYSL/Blast coaches or board members.
Are there additional fees?
Yes. Each team member divides the cost of the tournament. Team fees are typically $550-650 per tournament divided by the number of players (12-16).
I can’t make the tryout- what should I do?
If you can’t make the try-out but would like to participate, please fill out the Tryout Form. In the notes section, write that you cannot make tryouts. A coach will come see you play in a season game.
Will my friend requests be honored?
Friend requests are never guaranteed but especially for the all-star teams. We do not recommend participating if you must have a friend request honored.
When are the tournaments?
Tournaments are held every weekend throughout December (except for Christmas weekend 24-25). Teams choose which tournament(s) they will participate in based on coach/player availability. Please mark your weekend availability on the try-out form.
When/where will my all-star team practice?
Practice times and location will be determined by our volunteer coaches and will be communicated to you through the all-star coach.
Do the all-star teams have additional uniforms?
All star teams are given new socks. Each all-star player will continue to wear their black PYSL soccer shorts. All-star teams are given a PYSL all-star jersey that MUST be returned, through your coach, at the end of the season.
How are all-star teams formed?
Coaches form teams by evaluating the best PYSL players at try-outs and PYSL games.
When will we know if we made an all-star roster?
Coaches will communicate to ALL players, regardless of if they made a team or not, by November 1st.